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Soil: The Live Ecosystem

Keeping plants healthy takes healthy soil and great nutrition! The obvious but difficult thing to see is the real soil biology that is available in the soils you are using when gardening. So do you use the topsoil from the store? Ask yourself, how long have they been in business and how many live organisms thrive in a sealed plastic bag or "Organic Spray Jugs" What's the secret to stable soil that controls fungi, promotes growth, converts waste and keeps plants healthy? Its largely enhanced by worm castings and the resultant microbes and micronutrients they produce!

A New Kind of Green Tea

Unloading thousands of worms into your garden and hoping they stay the test of time might be one way to promote the right soil ecosystem. But it maybe much easier for you than investing in a nomadic herd just get the real stuff from your local casting & tea outfitter! Worm Tea is highly enriched with microbes and micronutrients that allow you to easily treat your soils, vegetables, fruits and more in a defined and organic way to produce the best growing conditions around! Stop feeding your plants and through your plants, your body, steroids! Just simply feed them the plant ready nutrition they can thrive on with the real deal, “Worm Tea & Worm Casting”!

Worm Poop… Really?

Oh yes! These little creatures have been doing it for centuries and the world is indebted to their constant chore of breaking down and prepping nutrients for perfect plant absorption. Get a grip on something real! Worm castings have a long list of benefits and uses. You can't burn your plants in it even at 100% use. It repels a number of insects that eat your plants as it dries out their exoskeletons. The micro biotic and nutritional profile is the caviar of your plantings. Use castings as a premium soil amendment, a topping, a dressing, a nutrient, you name it. IT WORKS!