Food For Thought


Hi, my name is Gregg Albergotti. Hopefully sharing the following information will result in you having a better understanding of how Wiggle Farm came about. Over the years I became more understanding in how important it is for each of us to take care of all things. And when I say all things I mean not just some things, but all and everything. Simply done for the love of it. I also don’t think it matters whether it’s our own or someone elses.  So now what harm could there possibly be in displaying good manners towards all things? The more I have thought about it, the more it sank deeper and deeper into my heart and soul while feeding my mind with all the great reasons it made perfect sense we do this. First of all why not take care of all things the same. Just because something that is not as important or valuable to us doesn’t mean it’s not to someone else. We should value all things along with all our thoughts and actions. Even when it seems unimportant to us shouldn’t we think of others?


Doesn’t it make more sense to dispose of even trash in the best known way possible rather than carelessly any old way? It isn’t very hard to look and notice the endless ways and things we all can take for granted. If we take the time to pay attention, we quickly begin noticing people are recycling or disposing of many things around us by choosing to think caringly about how they do so. They are thinking of others not just getting a task completed. They are thinking about others now and others to come. I thought, ”My goodness Gregg, how selfish of you and how blind you’ve been for many years”. I am not saying I haven’t respected others or their property. I am saying I didn’t get anything about recycling hardly at all. Needless to say, it would be great if I could say I now have a full understanding and everything under control, but that is not the case. I am thankful to say I am on my journey in becoming more responsible and a more thankful person than before, day by day.


I think we all recognize that we each may have different view points, different looks, different personalities, and even follow different religions and beliefs. We also have some things in common; one of those most share in the will to survive. Surely there is no harm, only greatness, in taking care of all the things we experience through direct or indirect contact. As my thoughts cycled over and over I thought it is about time I started making changes to help clean up my negative footprints. I started reading about various recycling and such. I quickly realized many people were miles ahead and had been taking actions for many years. I immediately started making baby steps towards doing the same.


Soon after I set out on this journey I realized gifts being returned to me. What gifts? I started receiving gifts of pleasure to my soul and gifts of happiness to my heart. And all it took was an attitude change! I was hooked! I, then, had a few thoughts on how simple actions and careless behaviors usually turn into unwanted consequences. It can be as simple as touching a hot stove that ends with a severe burn and much extended pain. Oh, we can easily visualize these types of situations through ours or others past experiences. But we can’t visualize the impacts or boomerangs we have set off in our life through mistreating what we came in contact with as insignificant and unworthy of being treated with love and care. We don’t make any immediate direct connection to the consequences we may be facing, as with a stove burn. I think we all would agree that when we don’t know or feel the immediate pain from any negative action we have taken whether voluntary or involuntary, we can’t associate the price we have agreed to pay.

Why do we take this approach?


My suggestion is together, day by day, look to improve each of our footprints on earth and others. Keep in mind, before us there were others, and likely after us there will be others. I know there must be many viewpoints and thoughts that we could share. And I realize I have only vaguely touched the subjects mentioned. We do know humans have always adapted to constant changes needed over the years. Let’s not be critical of others who are still wearing blinders. They don’t see things the same and we each have worn blinders or do now ourselves in various circumstances and/or times during our life. Lets be patient while each of us strive to move in the direction of believing that one person at a time we will be an example to others. That one by one we will experience the benefits we learn and share with each other. It is a process that will only happen in time, not a day.


Now along came health issues leading me into growing my own vegetables to get the most nutrients possible. I read and researched. Doctors didn’t provide answers for all my symptoms and I quickly embarked on a mission to work even harder for answers myself. In doing so I ran into much negative information about the conventional farming practices that many use today. I learned information about how our entire food supply system in general has become polluted. Seems nothing is done for the love of it, but for the dollar of it. It has become all about “feed the world” but not how or of what value is being fed to them. Many farmers efforts are being applied to this mission but I am not sure anyone has it all figured out. Let me say I surely don’t have it all figured out either!


Something I can say with confidence is getting feelings of pleasure and happiness from putting more care and love into my food and diet as with all things is again very rewarding in return. I am now growing and eating what I feel are better vegetables and purchasing better meats than I had ever before, I find that it is very rewarding and pleasing to follow this life style.


Then along came worms! Through my reading I discovered the important role worms play now and have played throughout history. I always thought of worms when I was going fishing not with food. Who would think of such a creature when thinking of growing food to eat? But after studying and researching further I begin to understand what a great part worms have always played and still play today. Wow, these guys have always helped keep the vitality life force moving forward in the soil around the world. How short sited and ignorant of us. Of course that was unless I was heading out fishing!



For the last four years I have been busy reading and researching regarding farming today in the conventional ways along with natural ways. The ways that seem to really catch my attention were the farmers using worms, worm casting, and worm tea. So here I go!


I understand the goals are being set high! How about producing 200 bushels an acre of corn? It appears conventional farmers today are producing 140-200 bushels but done so with more of a dollar thought process than a quality process. It appears there is more thought into production and looks, than the love for those that consume it. We must live today and not worry about tomorrow some may say; but who truly does not plan for tomorrow? Each person is aware we are unable to answer all questions of today much less all of the questions we may or may not face tomorrow. But my research has me currently convinced that most, not all, conventional farming done today is focused at making money only. I don’t feel this is because they don’t really care about others! I think most farmers have been slowly coached into the position they are finding themselves. Their focus on the dollar is due to that’s how they make a living. Many farmers are in debt over their heads. They have families and farms to manage. Many farmers have been forced to turn their heads versus the unthinkable consequences they are likely to face if they attempt to buck the system. They know the large corporations now have a strong foothold in the farming industry. They know any attempt that cast negativity on these corporations will put them out of business, if not immediately, shortly there after.


The fact is as bad as it may seem, making a major shift in every farming practice would have a devastating impact on our lives and food supply. No, maybe it’s not the best system, but it did get us to the point we are today. We can say “but this is not a good point”, but it is a point. Farmers worked hard to supply food for everyone. It’s easy for us to recognize any short falls after the fact. It’s easy for us to say, but what if? And my response is what if we had done something different and where worst off than we are now? Just be thankful of where we are and look to improve from here! Look to a better tomorrow and not ridicule and harp on yesterday. The choices are mine, yours, and others before us that got us where we are today. It is still the peoples choice to move away from what we are discovering which could potentially cause or aid diseases and damage to the world in general. We each must share the responsibility of where we are and how we make change. We must each become examples of making efforts in making change.



We slowly have gotten away from small farming while we have become lazy and many believe they are too good to farm. We slowly have sat down and let large corporations take control over much of our food systems. We can’t sit back and expect someone else to take all the needed steps to make life fine for all. We got where we are today with everyone participating or not participating. You count it as you like, but my thoughts are if you didn’t participate that is the same as participating by doing nothing. You aren’t exempt but have condoned the actions of others. We all are part of life on earth and it is all of our responsibilities to do our part in doing the best for all. We should love and appreciate all things! It doesn’t matter how significant or how small the part they play in our lives. Whether it is a person, animal, plant, tree, soil, or otherwise alive or dead to us, we should treat it with love and respect. It is simply our duty and obligation to care and love all things. My goal is to make this a day by day goal to keep working harder to be more appreciative of today and more loving and caring for all things.



I would like to suggest you watch a list of documentaries and do your own research of findings of various information others have uncovered. We both can rest assured that some maybe exaggerated more negative or positive than we feel is reasonable. But in all fairness this is usually the case with all things I have researched. Let your conscious be your guide. I feel I can assure you watching the shows and doing your own research will bring you to most, if not all, the same understandings as many others. You may understand how important every day living may become for your family in the future let alone the families born in the distant future.


I challenge each person that reads this to keep tabs on how much you are spending on food. Don’t just guess what you’re spending but keep honest records for a few months. After doing a little research and watching the recommended shows tell me gas prices are still your main concern of your monthly expenses. Tell me all the government concerns you have now are the same high interest points you want to discuss. Tell me which president is responsible for letting us get to where and what we, our children and our children’s children appear to be facing. Then take a look at who is behind getting food dollars. It’s not your local farmers! It’s your oil companies and/or other very large powerful corporations. We sitting on our butts entertained with TV’s and its brain washing entertainment. We need to watch the select news that is reported and express our concerns over the coming storm. Our thought processes are being redirected from the reality of a bigger picture.


Who cares if you don’t buy gas, I bet you’ll do next to anything to eat! Oh, you will grow your own? Well how about if you can’t save the seeds from one year to the next due to large corporations having patented most, if not all, of the seeds. Oh, but they genetically modified it and it produces larger quantities. It is important to keep in mind they can charge and control the seeds; they own the patent. Not only will saving seeds be out of the question but a saved seed may not produce the same vegetable or output in another season. Now, would you prefer to own the patents on the seeds for the food supply or that of an oil well?



This is not intended to be a doom and gloom situation. This article is intended only to help those who may be unaware of the many farm related things that are taking place which are currently having an impact on many peoples lives and they are simply unaware. We can trust many people in this world but we can’t turn our head and just think all is well and trust everyone. Many people say they don’t want their children to have to work-hard and many seem focused on wealth instead of health. Is it not better to teach a person how to fish than give him a fish? Let’s get busy Americans! There is much work to be done! Let’s each of us get busy and start weeding our garden of attitudes, work ethics, love for all things, trust, our minds, and our souls for the better for all!


Most documentaries can be viewed on Netflix if you are a subscriber. If not I am sure you can locate a multitude online. I can’t encourage you enough in investigating this for yourself!




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