Quality Assured

At Wiggle Farm we are committed and dedicated to delivering superb products and services. We aim to accomplish this through giving the love to produce, the love to provide, the love to deliver while being thankful and respectful for all things.


Our worms live sort of like Kings and Queens! They are in a climate controlled environment, all meals are served bedside, they never have to leave for anything, as even the lighting is kept off or low most of the time as many are very active lovers. Quiet…..Is that Marvin Gaye I hear playing in the background? Their diet consist of composted manure, ground leaves, peat moss, oats, alfalfa, wheat, shredded cardboard, shredded paper, food scraps, worm chow and water. Whew! What a diet! Gosh I am glad I’m not a King or Queen! Their water is filtered to remove all the chlorine. From time to time they also receive a little hay, grass, and pine fines. Oh my goodness…. I think I’d be constipated….. PineFines!


The worms and conditions are monitored daily. The continuous monitoring helps make sure they are provided the best possible environment at all times. Wiggle Farm worms are very happy, very healthy and very busy producing outstanding casting to aid in all your gardening and landscaping needs.


We look forward to being of service to you! And if for any reason you are not satisfied please let us know. It is our goal to meet your expectations with products and services!


Thank You,

Wiggle Farm LLC Staff