Make It Yourself

DIY Worm Casting Tea Brewing


Thinking of why not “Do It Yourself”?

Some people enjoy brewing their own tea while others prefer to buy ready made tea. At Wiggle Farm we are happy to assist you either way. On our website you will find brewing instructions and the supplies for those of you who prefer to brew your own.


Naturally there are advantages and disadvantages in making your own worm casting tea.

We personally feel the advantages out weigh the disadvantages. But that’s only if you enjoy doing these type things, want to be more involved, and want a variety of brews. If that sounds like you, then DIY is for you.



Advantages                                                    Disadvantages

Brew anytime you need                                  Time spent setting up & brewing

Lower cost than ready made                          Clean up Time and putting brewer away

Able to experiment on mixes

Brew various amounts as needed

Easy to follow brewing instructions


Once you made the decision to “Do It Yourself” all you need to get started is a brewer kit and worm casting. Brewing instructions and all necessary tools are included in either of the Wiggle Farm brewer kits. Once you have purchased and receive your brewer kit and worm casting it’s simply just follow the easy instructions. You’ll be quickly on your way to a better natural way meeting your growing needs. If you already own a brewer you are pacing out front of the crowd. This also means you have brewed some type of tea before and maybe even worm casting tea. So this will be like going back to kindergarten for you. But in the event you don’t have a brewer and are looking to shop for a tea brewer now, just click the link provided below to go straight to Wiggle Farm’s tea brewers. If your needs require a larger brewer than our basic brewers for homeowners, please shoot us an email or give us a call. We would be happy to help you in meeting those needs as well.



Happy Growing!

Wiggle Farm LLC

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